Getting in some speedwork with the New York City Road Runners!

So we are about 5 weeks out from the Run for AIR Marathon – it will be here in no time!

To prepare, I’ve been doing a *lot* of Long Slow Distance runs on the weekends ( also known as LSD – an acronym guaranteed to get a few snickers in my high school cross country days). Distance runs between 15-20+ miles are essential to prepare your legs and mind for the marathon.

*However* if you’re shooting for a goal time, or aiming to set a Personal Record (PR), it is essential to do some speedwork.

And one of the best ways to get in some speedwork is with some shorter tune-up races! (Why races? you might ask. Can’t you just run a little faster on your training runs?) Well, the short answer is yes – in theory, you can always do intervals and hillwork and tempo runs and fartleks (another running term guaranteed to send the cross country team into a laughing fit – I miss those guys and girls!). But the flipside to this answer – and something that any athlete will tell you – is that there is something about race day (the energy of the crowd, the shot of adrenaline that comes with competing, the need to just get away from that noisy runner breathing like a freight train next to you hawking loogies every other stride) that makes you push yourself harder than you do during normal everyday training.

Fortunately, here in New York, we have the famous New York Road Runners ( club, which hosts an outstanding series of events every year. I certainly have a lot to choose from for  tune-up races for the Run for AIR!

So I wanted to ask you for your input:

Which 2-3 races would you like to see me do to prep for the Thanksgiving Run for AIR??Check out the list below and let me know by the end of the week – I’ll pick the top 2 choices and register for them!

Oct. 14 – Grete’s Great Gallop (Half Marathon, Central Park)

Oct. 28 – Poland Springs Marathon Kickoff (5 miles, Central Park)

Nov. 1 –  Run with Champions (5K, Central Park)

Nov. 3 – Dash to the Finish Line (5K, Central Park)

Nov. 18 – Race to Deliver (4 miles, Central Park)


Thanks for reading!!!


About runforair

Husband and wife team dedicated to raising awareness of conservation efforts through trail running - and occasional cycling - adventures. Interested in supporting global conservation efforts? Check out the website of the award-winning, globally recognized Alliance for International Reforestation (AIR) to learn more and donate today!
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2 Responses to Getting in some speedwork with the New York City Road Runners!

  1. Jim Ca;;ahan says:

    Here are my two race choices….
    Nov. 1 – Run with Champions (5K, Central Park)
    Nov. 18 – Race to Deliver (4 miles, Central Park)
    My pledge is soon to follow….Hugs, Santiago

    • runforair says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback and your very generous donation! I hope all is well with you in FL – we are loving New York so far (but miss the Florida winter weather!).
      hugs from Roger & I

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