Run for AIR Updates Post-Hurricane Sandy

My husband and I moved from Florida to NYC just over two years ago.
First Tim Tebow followed us.
Then the hurricanes did, too.
The impact that Hurricane Sandy has had on the city cannot be overstated. Officials are saying the storm exceeded their worst case scenario predictions. Massive storm surges and winds have wiped out commercial and residential areas along the coast in Brooklyn and Long Island. Queens suffered both floods and fires – leaving several residential blocks completely leveled. The entire lower half of Manhattan is in darkness, due to a massive explosion at a ConEd power plant on 14th Street. The majority of the subway system – a system that 5 million people depend upon for their daily commute – was completely flooded, and will likely take several weeks to be restored to a fraction of its normal operating capacity.

And day by day, we are hearing more news of tragic storm-related fatalities.
In short, the city that never sleeps has come to a grinding halt this week.
But New York is no stranger to adversity – or recovery.
Even as I type this, cleanup crews, volunteers, and technicians are working to clear the streets, and rebuild the power plant and subway lines. While their efforts will not bring back the lives of loved ones who were lost due to the storm, they will go a far way towards restoring some sense of normalcy to the city – and they must be commended for their work.
In addition to questions about the safety and well-being of my husband and I (we’re fine, thank you!), I’ve also gotten plenty of questions about the Run for AIR. Namely, with all the chaos of this past week, will it go on?

By the time the Run for AIR is scheduled to take place on Thanksgiving Day, the majority of the city cleanup should be completed. Additionally, because the Run for AIR will take place entirely within a city park, it will not require the support of city officials and will therefore not constitute a drain on city resources.

So I pledge to you and to all of AIR’s supporters that the Run for AIR Marathon will take place as originally scheduled, on Thanksgiving Day of this year.
In the meantime, please keep the impacted communities and families who lost loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

And thank you, as always, for your support.

Click here to donate to the Run for AIR:

Very best,


About runforair

Husband and wife team dedicated to raising awareness of conservation efforts through trail running - and occasional cycling - adventures. Interested in supporting global conservation efforts? Check out the website of the award-winning, globally recognized Alliance for International Reforestation (AIR) to learn more and donate today!
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